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The English Hair & Beauty Awards Winner Cosmetic Clinic of the Year 2023

We are delighted to have been awarded English Hair & Beauty Aesthetic Clinic of the Year 2023

Experience for yourself our award winning service

Dr B the Cosmetic Clinic has a strong foundation with Dr S R Bassi’s 30 years of experience in medicine and over 15 years in the field of medical aesthetics

At Dr B the Cosmetic Clinic we specialise in nonsurgical medical procedures to enhance and rejuvenate the face. We are based in the long-established Nottingham Road Private Clinic in Mansfield.

Dr B the Cosmetic Clinic offers an individualised consultation service that delivers a treatment plan bespoke to you. Dr Bassi's approach is to unify facial beautification with harmony and balance to give you the totally natural results you are looking for.

To date, Dr Bassi has performed over 10,000 cosmetic treatments, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Dr. S.R. Bassi

Dr. Bassi has a strong passion for Aesthetics and has been associated with the Aesthetic Industry for over 15 years and has over 30 years of experience in Medicine.

To keep up to date with trends in the industry, Dr Bassi has attended aesthetic courses, trainings and seminars in various parts of the world such as South America, USA, Europe as well as in the UK.

Rated 5 Stars

Rated 5 Stars

Aesthetic Treatments

Wrinkle Reducing

Reduce the signs of facial ageing, wrinkles and soften expressions lines leaving you looking younger, fresh, natural, and enhancing your natural beauty.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, furrows, sagging skin, other signs of aging and to increase the volume of your skin.

Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen is an advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device used to treat wrinkles, sagging and dull skin.


Hydrofacial is a powerful, non-invasive skin treatment that exfoliates, cleanses, extracts and hydrates the face.

Mole Removal

Do you have moles that are making you self-conscious or unhappy? We use state of the art technology to remove the mole with minimal scarring.

Minor Lump / Bump Removal

We can quickly remove small, lumps, bumps, cysts or lipomas that are causing you concern or that may affect your confidence.

PDO Thread Lift

If you are looking for a non-surgical solution for your sagging jowels, cheeks and drooping upper eyebrows, PDO thread lifts have the potential to deliver this and give you amazing results.

Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are very popular and provide an alternative to tired, dull, lax, fine wrinkles or crepe skin. The overall result is a smoother complexion, firmer skin and a glow.

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